Book Lists

If you’re looking for ideas for living books, we have found some great lists that may help in your search.  No list is perfect or complete, so don’t think you have to choose only one list from which to pick books.  Each list is also a feast of books – you won’t be able to read all of the suggestions for each year, but it’s a beautiful abundance of literature from which to choose.


1000 Good Books List –– FAVORITE!!  Lists books by age range from Primary to Senior reading level.

Good Books List from Great Books Academy –– Many must-reads for nursery through 8th grade.

Ambleside Online Comprehensive List –– PDF file of all the books in the Ambleside Online Curriculum listed by Author.

Penny Gardner –– Click on a picture to visit book lists by subject (not listed by age).


All Through the Ages by Christine Miller –– lists over 7000 books by era.

Who Should We Then Read? Vol 1 & 2 by Jan Bloom –– Several categories to search through, including by author with a description of the author.

Honey For a Child’s Heart & Honey For a Teen’s Heart by Gladys Hunt –– Book list for ages 0-12 and teens.

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