“I am, I can, I ought, I will.” – Miss Charlotte Mason

WELCOME to the AMBLEcommunity blog.

AMBLEcommunity is an online resource hub for a community of parents creating an Abundant, Moving, Blessed, Living Education for their children.

The purposes of this blog are

  1. to share resources
  2. to narrate what we are learning as we study Charlotte Mason’s ideas
  3. to review living books


Abundant: marked by great plenty, amply supplied

Moving: actively achieved … exercising body as well as mind … visiting, traveling, working, ambling along

Blessed: enjoying with our children nature, art, music, poetry, craftsmanship… enjoying life with each other

Living: based on the best books … living books … and on relationships within the family and outside of it and driven by the Jesus, the Author of Life

Education: learning to know

Blog Contributors


We decided to homeschool before my first child was 3.  I came to Charlotte Mason through my good friend Christa back in 2005 with the reading of Catherine Levison’s  A Charlotte Mason Education.  I knew this was the way I was going to accomplish the task of educating my children.  Gently, richly, and beautifully!



We decided to home educate before we had children.  When our oldest son was born with extraordinary challenges, we became more determined.  As we added each of our five sons, we continued to live our educational life.  Even during our two dark, grieving seasons, we all learned something every day.  While intentional schoolwork is important and highly valued in our home, we also learn from each other and life experiences. Though this approach we have found beauty in the darkness, in the light, and in each other.

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