Notes on Vol. 6 Ch. 4: Authority and Docility, part 3

There are four ways in which we belittle children.

  1. We see them as inferior and requiring spoon feeding
  2. We dumb down their material
  3. We try to coerce their attention instead of training the habit of attention
  4. We undervalue knowledge and focus on wrong information and methods

Beauty united people of all socioeconomic backgrounds

Subordinates need attention and remembrance

The maimed existence in which a man goes on from day to day without either nourishing or using his intellect is causing anxiety to those interested in education.


That is what I found in Chapter 4 of Mason’s Towards a Philosophy of Education. Did you read it? Do you have a favorite part?

We will be discussing Chapter 5 at this month’s discussion night on Monday June 13, 2011.

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