From the Bible Outline of our CM Seminar:
We are cultivating the habit of Thought of God.

Bible Lessons

  • Read aloud daily a few verses covering possibly an episode
  • Read reverently, carefully, and with just expression
  • Require the children to narrate
  • Talk the narrative over with them in light of research and criticism

Bible Curriculum

  • For young children, use the bible itself or a well-written, accurate story book, such as Catherine F. Vos’ The Child’s Story Bible, Egermeier’s Bible Storybook, Hurlbut’s Story of the Bible for Young and Old, or google “Books of Yesterday, children’s bibles”
  • Charlotte Mason recommended reading straight from the bible.  Choose a version you like.  She recommended the KJV to get them used to hearing beautiful language.  She also said that the mode of language in the KJV is archaic and forbidding to the child.  “It is after all only a translation.” Vol 2 p 56-57
  • Older students should also be reading great works with moral lessons to reinforce  those values.


  • Teach them to take care of their personal bible, as if were gold.
  • Teach them, through example, to use words that are pleasing to the Lord and His Word.

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