Some online resources

At the Curriculum Share tonight, there was so much good stuff to see that I didn’t take time to go over the list of online resources that I had brought with me. I knew that I could come and post it here, so I let other people do the talking.

Here are a few resources that I like that AREN’T posted in the sidebar to the left.

MEP Math (  This is the math program that we are currently using in our home.  It is similar to Singapore Math in many ways, and my boys are enjoying it.  Nate is finishing up the reception level, and Drew is finishing up level 2.  This curriculum requires a different way of thinking about math than Math U See does.  (Drew was using MUS before we came upon this and decided to give it a try because he was bored with MUS.)  If you try it out, be aware that (like with Singapore) you can expect your student to need a slightly lower grade level than he was working with in a US-based curriculum.

Librivox ( Librivox provides many, many audiobooks as free downloads.  The collection includes Our Island Story and This Country of Ours, as well as many other Ambleside Online books.

HomeschoolShare (  My boys enjoy doing some notebooking projects and lapbooking projects. This site has all sorts of CM-friendly downloads for prepared pages as well as unit studies.  Drew is currently working on the Holling C. Holling Book of Indians pages, and he is really enjoying them.

There were two sites that Thalia mentioned tonight for Bible resources.  They are:

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