Have you ever wondered….

Have you ever wondered why Charlotte never published just one list of curricula?  The Advisory Team at AmblesideOnline has dug out as much of it as they can and put it together beautifully.

I found this Catherine Levison quote today while I was reading online with a feverish little guy sleeping in my lap:

“Charlotte Mason destroyed her curriculum yearly and if I wrote the kind of thing you are asking about I would be writing a curriculum rather than a book list. Mason didn’t think her methods revolved around a curriculum and she did not want teachers or parents becoming bored by the sameness. I’m not saying that writing a curriculum is bad, not at all. I write mine for my personal use, but like Charlotte I ignore it the next year and start fresh. ”


That makes me feel better.  Because I don’t want to re-read all the same books three times with three children just because that is what is suggested for their level.

There is no perfect curriculum or perfect teacher or perfect education. There are just imperfect children and even-less-perfect parents and Jesus and His abundant grace.

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