Art Study Resources

We love art study!  I honestly don’t do it enough in our homeschool.  It’s so simple in the Charlotte Mason method.

Here is the example from Home Education pages 309-311

Alexander and the Diogenes by Landseer

“Step I.––Ask the children if they remember what their last picture-talk was about, and what artist was famous for animal-painting. Tell them Landseer was acquainted with animals when he was quite young: he had dogs for pets, and because he loved them he studied them and their habits––so was able to paint them.
“Step II.––Give them the picture ‘Alexander and the Diogenes’ to look at, and ask them to find out all they can about it themselves, and to think what idea the artist had in his mind, and what idea or ideas he meant his picture to convey to us.
“Step III.––After three or four minutes, take the picture away and see what the children have noticed. Then ask them what the different dogs suggest to them; the strength of the mastiff representing Alexander; the dignity and stateliness of the bloodhounds in his rear; the look of the wise counselor on the face of the setter; the rather contemptuous look of the rough-haired terrier in the tub. Ask the children if they have noticed anything in the picture which shows the time of day: for example, the tools thrown down by the side of the workman’s basket suggesting the mid-day meal; and the bright sunshine on the dogs who cast a shadow on the tub shows it must be somewhere about noon.
“Step IV.––Let them read the title, and tell any facts they know about Alexander and Diogenes; then tell them Alexander was a great conqueror who livedB.C. 356-323, famous for the battles he won against Persia, India, and along the coast of the Mediterranean He was very proud, strong, and boastful. Diogenes was a cynic philosopher. Explain cynic, illustrating by the legend of Alexander and Diogenes; and from it find out which dog represents Alexander and which Diogenes.
“Step V.––Let the children draw the chief lines of the picture, in five  minutes, with a pencil and paper.”

I make my own prints on 8.5 x 11 in. Gloss Photo Paper.  I get the print files from a yahoo group called AOArtPrints under their files.  You have to join the group but they have pdf files for many artists with at least 6 pieces per artist.

We have a local used book store that occasionally has some great art books.  I spend time carefully sifting through the books to make sure there are not many pictures that I deem inappropriate for my age children.  When I bring home the book, I just sticker over the top of any pics or parts of pics that I don’t want them studying right now.   Some of these books are great for art display.  Just open it up to a page with a great work and use a small easel from you local art supply store.


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