Home Organization Tools

At our last official cultural mamas meeting, we all shared some of the things that make life easier for us in our homes.  Below are some of the resources that were discussed.  The items in this list are from all different mamas so if you have a question about a resource or how to implement something, ask on the yahoo group!


Managers Of Their Homes

Teaching Children by Diane Lopez

Family Math

File folder games homeschoolshare

Confessions of a Happy Organized Home (Check with Sandy)


Organizing Tools that work:

Pray- set priorities for three months- make God’s will Lord of your daily life

Use the priorities God gives you as a focus of your daily activities

Focus on what bugs you most..ask for your spouse to contribute

1 months worth of work in a mom binder

I week’s worth of work in a kid binder divided by days of week

Staples cut and three hole punch curriculum

Sticker rewards for work-3-5 a day during school time

Weekly Schedule hints:

Math U see main lesson before bedtime on Sunday night-worksheets during week

Take 10 minute breaks after each subject that was focused on-play time

Tuesday before you leave for nature study: scripture memorization, art study, math game, composer focus with music listened to in trip: geography, math songs, or music emphasis

1-3 pm mom time/quiet time/room time rotate rooms in the house

Teach life skills: Chores: age appropriate: model and inspect. Kids do not do what you expect; they will do what you inspect. What your child is able to do at a certain age

Work box system

Home Life:

Stay in rooms til 8am

Toys picked up 3-4 times a day

No work-no play and more work

Blanket-time/magic carpet w/toys- no one can touch another child’s toys on their blanket-drop toys off blanket and into toy box.

Organizing menus by 2 weeks- Grab and go granola and cheese sticks

Focused school time during younger children’s nap time

Chore chart/cleaning chart from Christa

Magnetic from Dollar Tree with chores/daily routine completed

All kids eat 5 times a day…plan curriculum around snack time during and after: read during breakfast- group activities after lunch

Audio books at bedtime

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