Butterfly Gardening

Ahhh…Spring!  Is anyone else as excited about it as me?  The color, the smell, the warm sun!  We have spotted cardinals, blue jays, flycatchers, robins, chickadees, and doves.  The cardinal has made a nest in a bush by our house.  We have found some baby rabbits in a hole right next to the garden hose.  Also, two garden snakes, grub worms, a foul smelling toad, and lots of slugs.

We had a great meeting last Saturday morning at Cher’s.   So many of you shared what you use in your vegetable gardens; it was very inspirational.  Tomatoes, winter and summer squash, lettuce, spinach, and carrots to name just a few.  Also, herbs like basil, cilantro, and parsley.   Here are some tricks to a great vegetable garden:  Choose an area that gets full sun for the majority of the day.  Till your garden area and amend the soil with compost one year before planting.  Use appropriate fencing material to keep critters out.  Cover the ground with hay to retain moisture after planting.

So if you are interested in a garden that will attract butterflies, here are two websites that have great ideas.  This one has pictures


and this one has great information


Here, I’m listing some of the more common flowers found here:

Purple coneflower, milkweed (asclepias), marigold, aster, daylilies, purple verbena, black-eyed susan, pink Joe-Pye weed, bee balm, viburnum, lilac, and zinnia.

One site suggests to put a shallow dish filled with water and some sand so they can drink.

Gardening is so much fun!

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