So we can’t say that three times fast, but it was fulfilling to discuss.  Magnanimity — in short, high thinking, lowly living.  Tonight we discussed getting our families involved in charitable work.  We want to plan some trips to a nursing home, maybe a park clean-up day, or something of the sort.  Since we are all born naturally selfish, we have to make a habit of ‘doing’ for others.

In Karen Andreola’s book, she explains that our word enthusiasm comes from the greek word entheos, meaning “God in us”.  We want our children to be enthusiastic about what they learn, whether it be art, science, history, math, etc.  We also want them to see God in these subjects and how the Lord has provided masters in these fields for us to emulate to gain our enthusiasm.

Another part of our discussion tonight was on picinics.  We all agreed that, although we may not be bringing a fold-out table to our next picinic, we should picinic — and often.   Eating outside is loads of fun for kids.  Picinic essentials:  large, heavy blanket or quilt,  melamine plates (heavy enough that they won’t blow away), cloth napkins (again, don’t want to loose those napkins), plastic silverware and sturdy cups, salt and pepper and maybe some handy wipes and a trash sack for easy clean up.


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