Guidance, not showman

Our part is to remove obstructions, to give stimulus and guidance to the child who is trying to get into touch with the universe of things and thoughts. Our error is to suppose that we must act as his showman to the universe, and that there is no community between child and universe except such as we choose to set up. (Vol 3, p 219)

How easy it is to step in and point out details.  I must be constantly reminded to let them explore and discover, keeping to the roll of shepherd rather than administrator.  I am thankful for Charlotte’s insight into the minds of children and her ability to write it down on paper so I can understand.  It seems I’m not that far from childhood myself, but how easily I’ve forgotten that new discoveries are treasures to a child’s whole self in that they experience it in mind, body, and spirit.  A bit of information and a pointing to a thing will remain in their thoughts briefly, but a gem uncovered for the first time to a child bent on exploration will make a lasting impression.


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