Mother Knows Best

“Allow me to say once more, that I venture to write upon subjects bearing on home education with the greatest deference to mothers; believing, that in virtue of their peculiar insight into the dispositions of their own children, they are blest with both knowledge and power in the management of them which lookers-on can only admire from afar” (Charlotte Mason, Home Education Vol. 1, p. 135).

Don’t forget!  No matter what the recommendations are, YOU KNOW BEST for your children.  You’ll have a nudge in a certain direction from the Holy Spirit.  You have the council of your husband.  You know the preferences of your children.

When you are choosing curriculum, don’t pick a particular book just because everybody else is doing it. Don’t force yourself to stick with something that you all hate just because Ambleside Online or anyone else recommends it.

You have to do what works for your household.


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